With so many slots sites to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. So whether you want to know more about terminology, loyalty schemes or bonuses, the SFSG Team are here to help guide you through. Check out our helpful tips below to get you started.


Slots Tip #1: Online Vs Offline

If you are new to the world of online slots and not sure if they’re as good as land based casinos, then here are some things to bear in mind…

The actual playing of the game is the same online as it is offline. Pressing the ‘spin’ button online gives exactly the same result as pulling the lever in a casino, and the whole mind set of the machines is the same too; they are both operated by a RNG, (Random Number Generator) giving you the same chance of winning online as offline.

However, online slots have a higher payout percentage than land based slots; typically between 95% and 98% online compared to between 80% and 90% in the casino.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of playing online is that you can play wherever and whenever you like, without having to travel to the casino or wait for the casino to open.
That said, the progressive jackpots are much higher at offline casinos, so where you decide to play depends on what you are aiming to win.


Slots Tip #2: Terminology

If you enjoy slot games but are sometimes confused by all the specific jargon, we’re here to help you with some explanations.

  • Coin Size: Indicates the maximum and minimum number of coins you can bet per spin.
  • Bet Max: Select this option to bet the maximum number of coins every spin.
  • Bonus Feature: Means the slot has a bonus feature such as free spins or free games.
  • Jackpot: The highest possible payout available on that slot.
  • Payline: A line on a slot that connects winning symbols.
  • Multi-line: A slot with more than one pay line. The number of pay lines available can range from 5 up to 720.
  • Video Slot: An animated slot with advanced video graphics and features.
  • Pay Table: Explains the winning combinations and payouts available.
  • Wild Symbols: A symbol that substitutes for any other symbol in the game.
  • Multiplier: A bonus that multiplies winnings by a set amount.


Slots Tip #3: Progressive Jackpots

If you’re a bit baffled by progressive jackpots, allow us to enlighten you.

Progressive jackpot slots have such huge jackpots because there are lots of slot machines across many sites, which are all connected to the same prize pool. Every time a spin is made, a small percentage of the stake is added to the jackpot. As a result, the prize can increase rapidly, leading to some huge pay outs.

Although the chances of winning are lower because so many people are playing, the prize pool keeps growing until someone wins the lot, so they regularly top over £1 million and beyond. On some progressive jackpot slots you must play the maximum number of lines to be eligible for the jackpot, so make sure you read all the Terms and Conditions before you start playing.


Slots Tip #4: FAQs and Ts & Cs

Think Terms and Conditions are boring? Then think again!

Although it can be tempting to plough straight into the action, reading up on the Ts & Cs first could save you time, hassle and money in the long run. For example, you may need to make a minimum deposit in order to claim a bonus or special offer. These details can sometimes be overlooked, leaving customers wondering why they haven’t received their bonus.

Also, if you find yourself with a burning question, having a quick look at the FAQ’s can be really useful. You can often find the answer quickly and easily, saving you valuable playing time.


Slots Tip #5: Responsible Gambling

Playing slot games brings a mixture of emotions; excitement, anticipation, pleasure and sometimes big wins if the game goes well for you. However, when you lose your winning streak you may feel anger, disappointment and upset. To avoid these feelings you have to set yourself rules and stick to them. Here are some tips to help you enjoy playing slots responsibly.

  • Limit yourself: Decide beforehand how much money and/or spins you are willing to play in one gaming session. If you’re struggling to stick to your plan, some sites allow you to pre-set deposit and wagering limits.
  • Play for fun: Even if you find you’re on a winning streak, remember you set limits for a reason. Never chase wins or losses, and don’t play with the intention to make money.
  • RNG: Remember that all slot machines work with a RNG (Random Number Generator) and therefore any wins or losses can only be put down to luck.
  • Click here to go to Be Gamble Aware for more information about responsible gambling.


Slots Tip #6: Stay Online

Enjoying some good luck and a fun time with the online slots? Good, let’s keep it that way.
Whilst it may become tempting to visit a real casino or hop on a flight to Vegas, here’s some reminders about why online is best.

  • Online slots have a higher average payout than real life casinos, even those in Vegas.
  • Some online casinos allow you to ‘test drive’ the slot games by playing in demo mode, whereas in real casinos you are on your own with no demo plays.
  • More choice and more prizes. Most online casinos offer alternative games such as bingo and classic casino games, all available directly from your computer!


Slots Tip #7: Alternative Games

Do you love slots but want to mix it up a bit with something different?

If so, there are loads of other great casino games to choose from. Most casinos offer classic games such as Roulette and Blackjack, instant win games like Scratchcards and many other card and table games for your enjoyment. However, if you fancy a complete change, why not try playing some bingo? You can find some great offers over at Super Free Bingo, where the lovely SFB team will guide you through top online free bingo deals.


Slots Tip #8: Loyalty Schemes

If you’re a regular slots player, it may be worth finding a casino that has a loyalty scheme.

Most sites now have some sort of scheme set up for players to reward them for their loyalty. Rewards vary from site to site, but typically involve players earning points every time they play. These points can then be exchanged for free slots play or other bonuses. Some also offer draws and exclusive prizes as well, so you make sure you check out the benefits of a site’s loyalty scheme before you sign up.


Slots Tip #9: Classic or Multiline Slots?

Sometimes the wide range of different games available can feel overwhelming. So what’s the difference?

Classic: These are based on the most popular old fashioned slot games, which have just 3 reels to display combinations and only one payline. The low number of reels means there are fewer possible winning combinations, but the amounts won will be greater.

Multiline: These are games with between 5 and 720 paylines and a greater number of reels, usually 5. This increases the number of different winning combinations and has made them probably the most popular type of slot game online.


Slots Tip # 10: Sign Up Bonuses

If you have been playing just one site for a while, you may find that you are simply making deposits without receiving any bonuses. The majority of operators offer a minimum of a 100% bonus for first time deposits, so signing up to a few new sites means you could bag some more bonus play as well as getting access to new and exclusive games. What’s more, selected sites will continue to give you bonuses for depositing with them, so it’s worth investigating which sites offer bonuses for 2nd, 3rd and 4th deposits.