Mexican Casino Arson Attack Kills Dozens

Posted on: August 26th, 2011

casino_royale_fire_mexico.jpgWe don’t normally report on foreign casinos, but this story was so extreme we felt it would be of interest to our readers.

Casino Royale, in the Mexican city of Monterry, has been attacked by a gang of young men, killing at least 53 people.

Several gunmen rushed into the casino building in broad daylight, dousing it with fuel and setting it alight. During the following panic, many people were trapped and overcome by smoke.

Officials suspect that an organised crime group are behind the attack, described as one of the deadliest attacks seen since President Felipe Calderon launched his crackdown on the cartels in December 2006.

The attacked happened around mid-afternoon, the casino had about 100 staff and there were an unknown number of customers inside.

Customers who made it out alive told news reporters that it was chaos inside, as the room filled with smoke, people started to panic and run towards emergency exits. Many didn’t make it falling just meters from the safety of fresh air. There have also been reports which suggest that some of the emergency exits were locked.

Monterry has been known as one of the safest cities in Mexico, its home town to some of Mexico’s largest companies. Despite its safe reputation Monterry and the state of Nuevo has seen an increase in violence as the organised crime gangs the Zetas and Gulf cartels vie for control of trafficking routes in the US.

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