Megaways Slots

The launch of Megaways™ in 2015 was a real shake up moment for the world of online slots. Megaways™ came along and offered something different. These slot games were originally produced by the Australian software producer Big Time Gaming. The games have a random reel modifier that can change how many symbols appear on the reel on each given spin. This allows these slots to offer players far more ways to win than traditional slots.

Here are a few Megaways™ facts:

  • Megaways™ uses unique Random Reel Modifier technology. This changes the number of rows on each reel, after every spin.
  • Generally, the game will have six reels, each displaying anywhere between two and seven symbols.
  • When all 6 reels in a typical Megaways™ slot are displaying seven rows of symbols, there are then 117,649 ways to win (7x7x7x7x7x7)!
  • These are high variance slots, which means they are unpredictable. They can often have no winning spins for ages and then BANG! You’re hit with a big burst of payouts. These games are designed to create intense, edge of your seat gameplay.
  • Want to watch before you play? Megaways™ slots are popular with the game streaming community. Viewers love the thrills of seeing their favourite streamers winning steaks.

One of the most popular Megaways™ games is Big Time Gaming’s very own Bonanza Megaways™. This game was one of the first Megaways™ games. It’s a mining themed slot, similar to Goldrush, but has a glittery twist. The player is invited to join the hunt for precious stones underground. This slot offers a range of cool symbols including precious stones, gold bricks, mining carts and dynamite. The whole thing is beautifully designed and set against a background of water mills, grassland and wooden cabins.

The Megaways™ mechanic platform was invented by Big Time Gaming but is now licenced to various game producers, so the list of game titles just grows and grows. You’ll find a Megaways™ game at most online casinos these days.

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