Deal or No Deal? Play Online Now!

Posted on: November 30th, 2010

Now you can play one of the most successful games on TV online, just visit Slotmine! Deal or No deal gives you the chance to use all your skill and strategy to beat the banker! If you manage it, you could be in for a big free slot game prize!

Choose your stake and you’ll be presented with 26 boxes containing different amounts of money. You must pick one box for yourself which stays secret, then open the remaining boxes one at a time, so the banker can see. Hopefully you’ll open the low cash amounts, leaving the high cash amounts and giving you the chance to fool the banker that your box contains the highest cash prize! After each box is picked the banker will offer you a sum of money which they think is fair (relating to the cash amounts left to win) to entice you to end the game and make less money. The best players are those who pick the right boxes and stand their ground against the banker!

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