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Slots Tip #1: Online Vs Offline

August 31st, 2010

If you are new to the world of online slots and not sure if they’re as good as land based casinos, then here are some things to bear in mind…

The actual playing of the game is the same online as it is offline. Pressing the ‘spin’ button online gives exactly the same result as pulling the lever in a casino, and the whole mind set of the machines is the same too; they are both operated by a RNG, (Random Number Generator) giving you the same chance of winning online as offline.

However, online slots have a higher payout percentage than land based slots; typically between 95% and 98% online compared to between 80% and 90% in the casino.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of playing online is that you can play wherever and whenever you like, without having to travel to the casino or wait for the casino to open. That said, the progressive jackpots are much higher at offline casinos, so where you decide to play depends on what you are aiming to win.