Playing slot games brings a mixture of emotions; excitement, anticipation, pleasure and sometimes big wins if the game goes well for you. However, when you lose your winning streak you may feel anger, disappointment and upset. To avoid these feelings you have to set yourself rules and stick to them. Here are some tips to help you enjoy playing slots responsibly.

  • Limit yourself: Decide beforehand how much money and/or spins you are willing to play in one gaming session. If you’re struggling to stick to your plan, some sites allow you to pre-set deposit and wagering limits.
  • Play for fun: If you feel your luck running out on one game, why not take a break and play some of the free slots. These will lift your mood and there is no risk of losing money.
  • RNG: Remember that all slot machines work with a RNG (Random Number Generator) and therefore any wins or losses can only be put down to luck.
  • Click here for more information about responsible gambling.
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