If you enjoy slot games but are sometimes confused by all the specific jargon, we’re here to help you with some explanations.

• Coin Size: Indicates the maximum and minimum number of coins you can bet per spin.

• Bet Max: Select this option to bet the maximum number of coins every spin.

• Bonus Feature: Means the slot has a bonus feature such as free spins or free games.

• Jackpot: The highest possible payout available on that slot.

• Payline: A line on a slot that connects winning symbols.

• Multi-line: A slot with more than one pay line. The number of pay lines can range from 5 up to 720.

• Video Slot: An animated slot with advanced video graphics and features.

• Pay Table: Explains the winning combinations and payouts available.

• Wild Symbols: A symbol that substitutes for any other symbol in the game.

• Multiplier: A bonus that multiplies winnings by a set amount.

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