Man Jailed Over Casino Embezzlement

0 Comments | Posted on: September 12th, 2011

glasgow_man_jailed_for_casino_embezzlement.jpgA former head cashier, from the Merchant City Gala Casino in Glasgow, has been jailed for eight months, after admitting embezzling £32,500 to fund his gambling addiction.

Scott Paterson, 41, admitted taking the cash between October last year and March this year. According to reports Glasgow Sheriff Court heard how he took chips from storage, added them to those that were to be used in the casino and took the cash equivalent.

He was caught out after a company audit discovered the shortfall in reserve chips.

The court heard how the shortfall of £32,500 came to light when chips in storage were counted on 8th March. The auditor spoke to the cashiers on duty that day, but they were unable to explain why there was a discrepancy.

The court then heard that Paterson, who was off duty that day but was in the casino, then asked to speak to staff in the office. He told them: “Phone the police, it was me”.

Paterson later admitted that he has a serious gambling problem and had taken reserve chips and added then to the live stock of chips.

Jailing Paterson, Sheriff Brian Adair told him: “It seems to me I would be failing my public duty if I did not impose a custodial sentence.”

He added that Paterson would have been jailed for 12 months but he reduced the sentence due to Paterson pleading guilty.

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